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Prof. Dr.

Psychologist FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists)

dipl. analyt. Psychotherapist SGAP (Swiss Society of Analytical Psychology)

Training Analyst ISAP (International Seminar of Analytical Psychology)

Citizen of Switzerland, childhood in Omaha (U.S.A) & Zurich (Switzerland)

Languages: German, English (first languages), French, Spanish (foreign languages)


Current Positions

since 1984 Director of the Department of Group Psychotherapy for children and adolescents at the Educational Counselling Centre of the State of Bern, Switzerland
since 1994 Lecturer at the C.G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht, Switzerland
since 1996 Founder and director of the Institute for Conflict Management & Mythodrama, IKM Guggenbühl AG in Zurich (
since 1996 Private practice in Zurich
since 2001 President of the Peter-Hans Frey Foundation, Zurich
since 2002 Professor at the University of Education of the State of Zurich (
since 2008 Founder and director of «Nergi»: Helping traumatized children and adolescents in Georgia – Implementation of group therapeutic work and training of psychologists in Georgia (
since 2012 Training analyst at ISAP (International Seminar of Analytical Psychology), Zurich
since 2014 Visiting professor at the City University of Macau, China
since 1993 Public lecturer, lecturer at congresses and advisor to professional bodies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria as well as in Brazil, Canada, China, Georgia, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Macau, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, U.S.A, Venezuela Professional activities (among others):

  • Group therapy with children and adolescents (Mythodrama)
  • Conflict management, communication
  • Violence and aggression (background, intervention and prevention)
  • Adolescence, education
  • Gender issues
  • Analytical psychotherapy
since 1993 Author of numerous books on psychological and educational topics
since 1980 Regular contributor to the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» (NZZ) (main newspaper of Switzerland) on psychological and educational topics
since 2014 Columnist at the «Basler Zeitung» (BAZ) (one of the main newspapers of Switzerland)

Professional Career

1974-1975 Teacher at the primary school of Volketswil, Switzerland
1976-1980 Teacher in guitar music at the music schools Maur and Fällanden, Switzerland
1979-1997 Publisher and editor of the «Raben-Reihe» (a psychological book series), Schweizer Spiegel Verlag
1980-1981 School psychologist at the Counselling Centre for adolescents, Frick, Switzerland
1980-2009 Publisher and editor of the journal «Gorgo» (journal on archetypical psychology)
1982-1984 Psychologist for children and adolescents at the Psychiatric Polyclinic of the State of Aargau, Switzerland
1984-1986 Psychological counsellor to the Helix Foundation, Toronto, Canada
1984-2002 Lecturer on psychology and education at the college for pre-school teachers, Zurich
1994-1998 Columnist for the journal «Brückenbauer» (circulation 300’000)
1994-2001 Member of the board of the Institute of Analytical Psychology, Stockholm and of the Stiftleson Ugglan för Djuppsykologi (Owl Foundation), Stockholm
1994-2004 Lecturer at the Institute for Applied Psychology, Zurich
1996-2003 Member of the school board of the College of Literature and Language (Rämibühl) of the State of Zurich
1998-1999 Lecturer at the University of Zurich, Institute of Special Education
2000-2003 Project director of the international research project on violence in schools: a comparative study and scientific evaluation of the mythodramatic intervention approach, done in Switzerland, Sweden and the U.S.A.
2001-2004 Member of the advisory board of the Axel Johnson Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden
2004-2009 Counsellor to the Department of Men Studies within the Ministry for Social Security, Generational Issues and Consumers Interests, Vienna, Austria.  Director of a research program on the situation of boys in schools
2005 Guest professor at the Kyoto University, Japan (Department of Education and Clinical Research)
2008-2010 Director of the program «SafeAbility» at the Swiss Federal Railways: Creation and implementation of a peer support system for train personnel and of the training program in violence prevention for train personnel and their superiors
2009-2010 Lecturer on conflict management at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
2009-2013 Director of the program «Intensive Coaching» for train personnel of the Swiss Federal Railways
2010 Guest professor and director of the research project on intervention in school conflicts at the Kyoto University, Japan (Department of Education and Clinical Research)

Professional Education

1974 Teachers diploma of the State of Zurich
1974-1975 Training as classical guitarist with Manual Lopez Ramos, Mexico City
1981 MA in Psychology and Educational Philosophy at the University of Zurich
1994 Diploma as psychotherapist at the C.G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland
1997 Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Zurich